Who we are

We are passionate about gardening and at GardensAndGardening.co.uk we want to offer you the best advice and tools to help you make the most of your own garden, whether it is a large plot, a small back yard, a collection of flower pots or even if it is limited to indoor plants.

Growing plants and flowers has an enormous benefit, not only for the environment but from an emotional aspect as well.

Our journal

We have created a garden journalling system so that can record everything you do in your garden. We found ourselves keeping notes everywhere, storing new plant detail plastic tabs and then losing them, forgetting plant names, care instructions and more.

Our journalling system is easy to use and allows you to take notes, photos and care instructions for all your plants online, on any PC, laptop phone or tablet. We are always developing new ideas for this journal and if there are features you feel would be advantageous for all users then please let us know.


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