When the the heat hits the UK it is unusual to say the least, we hardly ever don’t have rain in the summer!

What happens to our lawns in this kind of weather – brown and unsightly, bald patches, but it doesn’t have to be this way.

Follow these simple tips to help keep you lawn green and healthy whatever the weather.

1. Dethatch and/or aerate
Dethatching is a technique that slices the surface of your lawn to let air and moisture (what little there may be) into your lawn. The same can be said for aeration where small holes are made into the lawn. This is something that should be done throughout the year – it is hard work if the ground is too hard!

2. Higher your blades
By raising the cutting height of your blades on your lawnmower your cut less off the blade of grass, providing more shade for the roots and therefore lowering the requirements for water.

3. Shade
By planting trees and shrubs that partly shelter the lawn can provided much needed shade during the day – remember though the lawn will need some sun.

and last but not least

4. Water it!
As long as there is no hosepipe ban use a sprinkler to give your lawn a treat in hot weather, leave it long enough, the water should be able to seep through 4 inches for it to get a proper soaking.


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