How to use our gardening journal.

To add a new entry start typing a title for your entry. Once you start typing more fields will appear to allow you to ad a full description and upload a picture. Save your entry when finished and your entry will appear on your journal home page. Top tip: Use a mobile phone or tablet and you can upload a photo directly using your device’s camera.

To edit an entry simply selected the Cog icon in the top right of each journal entry, make your changes and select Save.

You can categorise your entries when creating a new, or editing an item. Select the category in the drop down box and select Add. The category name will appear below the drop down box. You can add multiple categories to each entry. You can remove a category by clicking on the – icon to the right of the category name when adding or editing an entry.

To delete an entry select the Cog in the top right on the journal entry, in the popup that appears, select the Delete entry option. You will be prompted to make suer that you do want to delete item.

The journal home page will show you a snippet of each of your journal entries, to view the entire item select View more and the full item will appear in a popup window.

You can change the entries that you are viewing by using the filter drop down options to view only the entries created in a particular year and/or the entries that had been categorised by selecting a category name. Select All to show all the entries.